Villages Researched and studied

Ralegan Siddhi, Maharashtra


We chose Ralegan Siddhi as our First Model Village for Research. Seeking Blessings from Anna Hazare himself we studied the different environmental conservation techniques which has turned the village in to a example which could lead the development of many similar places in our country.


Terracing to prevent soil erosion,
canals to prevent water seepage.


Terracing to prevent soil erosion, canals to prevent
water seepage, choosing less water intensive crops, inclusion of horticulture, solar powered street lights were the few techniques which turned the village in to a Model village.

We plan to educate and make other lesser rural areas aware of similar techniques that can help them develop through self help. We at Orativ will not only provide these villages with technical know how but will also play an important role in its implementation.

Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra


Next we visited Hiware Bazaar, a Model Village in Ahmednagar district developed under leadership of Popat Rao Pawar.

We noticed in spite of being in the rain shadow region of western ghats, the village boasted crops all around the year.

Water budgeting, terracing, horticulture and target irrigation are some of the techniques that led to the development.

Using sprinklers in the field for less water
intensive crops save lots of water for Hiware Bazaar


Target Irrigation helps in water conservation in Horticulture Farming


We concluded from our studies that both the villages had few key elements in common which led to their development.

  • Community-driven priorities and regulation
  • Participation through beneficiary labour contributions
  • Convergence in using government schemes
  • Investment in education and changing mindsets
  • Emphasis on maintaining ecological balance
  • Proactive steps to share benefits with all