Places We Work at

We have started our implementation project at relatively smaller level for now but we will soon expand in various sectors.

To implement what we have learnt from our studies of the two Indian Model villages, We chose Bihar as our first state of focus and tried to support rural education in two villages of the state.

Anand, Gujarat


For our projects in Anand we collaborated with an youth oriented organisation called Kartvya. The organisation is founded my Ishita Majethia, a social entrepreneur who shares her vision and objectives with that of Orativ.  


We initiated our work in Anand with a social project where we took 150 children from slums for a movie "The Jungle Book". Our motive behind this was to inculcate in the children the desire to work hard and move ahead irrespective of their backgrounds and to motivate them towards education. We pledge to work in many more sectors in and around Anand. Kartvya and Orativ will together make sure that they bring in the needed changes through their social initiatives.

The management team of Orativ including Elvina das and Sweta rawat played an important role in the collaboration and they will also be handling Orativ's major operations in Gujarat.

Sove Parsa, Bihar


Sove parsa is a small village situated in the Saran district of Bihar. Though the village is situated in one of the most fertile regions of the Indian Geography, the agricultural productivity is far below average turning the rural life quite difficult. The challenge is to help farmers, educate them with new techniques and motivate the younger generation to learn and contribute to the growth of their village.

We chose the government Middle School of Sove Parsa and undertook the responsibility of providing 100 girl students with the basic stationary needs. We distributed School bags, Notebooks, Pens and other stationary items so that absence of basic needs would not hinder their education.

We also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the school stating the commitment to support the education of these 100 girls for next three years and mentioning the support we needed from local government and school authority.

Baksanda, Bihar


Baksanda is another village in the same district in Bihar. Here we undertook the responsibility of financing stationary for 100 students of government primary school. We distributed school bags and other stationary items to the childrens.

Memorandum of Understanding was signed with this school too.


Both the events were well Organised under the leadership of our Organising committee president in Bihar, Kumar Lalan Singh. Both our efforts were well attended and applauded by the local government body. We were also able to make space in the leading Hindi newspapers of our country.

We have started our implementation plan with a long term vision. We at Orativ aim to achieve our dream of One and Equal India and we will keep working in similar and more effective ways in coming days to catalyse the development process of our rural India.

Our dream is Big and we will need support and help from every citizen of this country who cares for his nation shares with us the vision of developed rural India.