Sudhakar Prasad

Head of Engineering Services , Rubamin SARL, DRC

Sudhakar Prasad

Its always good to see the youth of this country taking social initiatives. ORATIV's idea, of introducing the young generation to the rural region of this country and taking steps that can result into development of the rural India is not only fresh but appealing too.

Our country with nearly 50 % of work force in agriculture and allied sectors the scope of development is huge. Unfortunately the its share in economy is jus 14 % of the GDP. Increasing agricultural productivity and encouraging the development of MSMEs in rural regions can result into much needed revolution.

I hope initiatives of this Organization play the much needed role in catalyzing rural development. I wish them good luck and ensure my complete support in there endeavors.”

Bhavin Shah

Zone chairman, Region IV, Zone 1, Lions club, Vadodara

Sudhakar Prasad

When you hear about few young people who are taking initiatives to change lives of less privileged people of the country, it gives a sense of calm and pride to a philanthropist like me. Orativ's initiatives in rural regions are commendable. Uplifitng rural India can be the key of the much awaited revolution. Orativ is not only working in rural regions but is also introducing the youth of this country to the rural India and I think this is the need of the hour.

I believe through combined efforts a team can be created that will work for the community and country. Orativ is once such organisation. I promise to support Orativ to my best of capabilties and guide them towards achieving thier goals. Best of luck to Orativ. Keep up the good work.