Our Causes

ORATIV - Organisation for research and transformation of indian villages is an initiative by young minds of 21st century to bring in congruence, Rural India with the development process of this nation. With our constant and dedicated efforts we aim to bring rural India at par with the urban development so that the dream of One India can be realised soon.

With our government trying hard to Integrate rural india with the development pace, We at Orativ want to act as a medium to catalyze those policies, efforts and planning.


To Integrate the Rural India with the
Development Process of the Country.

What we do

Study and Research the Success story of Model Indian Villages and Implement these studies in lesser developed rural India.

How we do

We with our team of volunteers make a study trip to the Model Villages.We make a thorough report on the technical and social aspects of the development plan with the help of the local authority.

We plan to Intergrate all our studies and research, and implement similar methods and ways in the lesser developed rural regions.

Sectors we work in

  • Child Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Old age care
  • Healthcare
  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Green Development

We strongly believe that this is the time to address the problems of the roots of India, Rural India and hence we plan to revisit and recreate and introduce the youth of this nation to the very basic building blocks of this country which remains unattended.

lets recreate